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Descriptive Statistics Project Requirement


   Using the raw data that you have gathered (as approved by your instructor), you are required to do the following:


1. Create a frequency distribution of at least seven classes.

2. Modify the frequency distribution to a percentage distribution and a less than         cumulative distribution.

3. Construct a frequency polygon for your frequency distribution and the ogive for your cumulative distribution. Be sure to label your graph.

4. From your frequency distribution, calculate the following descriptive parameters: (assume your data constitutes the population)

   a) mean

   b) median

   c) mode

   d) standard deviation

   e) variance

   f) coefficient of variation

   g) Pearsonian coefficient of skewness

   h) kurtosis

5. Discuss the variability of your distribution (refer to the value calculated from 4f). Discuss the symmetry or skewness of your distribution (refer to the values calculated from 4g and 4h).

6. State the five-number summary. Draw a boxplot for your distribution.


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        Submit your project on or before December 13,2002 (Friday) until 6 pm only at N205. Late submission will merit deductions.

   All inquiries on this project may be coursed on my consultation time, T-Th-S, 9:00 - 10:00 am, 4:30 - 5:30 pm.